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Dec, 2017

Bay Avenue Renovation

We are happy to announce that All Wars Memorial Field on Bay Avenue in Tuckerton is undergoing an infield renovation.  With the help of Tuckerton Borough (at no cost to taxpayers) we have ripped up the infield grass, and are in the process of installing 4 year old artificial turf from the University of Drexel in Philadelphia, PA.  We were able to acquire enough turf to renovate the 82' x 82' infield grass, plus recreate the baseball diamond in the center field are and install two batting cage areas up each senior league field foul line.  We anticipate the project to be complete before April 1, 2018 (currently we are way ahead of that schedule).   

What are the benefits of this renovation?  

Our Senior league field will be one of the BEST Infields in our area.  A maintenance free grass area will provide for smooth play for all the infielders whom play at All Wars Memorial Field.  The infield should be nearly "bad hop" free.  Another great benefit is that we can now use it as a multi-purpose field.  We can set the pitching mound/bases at 60'/90' (Senior) 50'/70' (Major) or 46'/60' (Tball/Rookie/Minor) distances.  We plan on having every team in our rec league play on the new field during the 2018 spring season.

We also plan on having the old tball field in the center field area renovated so it can be used for some Tball and rookie league games as well as a practice area.

We are very fortunate to have this opportunity to renovate Bay Ave.  This type of renovation would have normally been cost prohibitive (~100k) however through hard work of several volunteers, and the incredible group from Tuckerton Borough Works, we are able to get this done for the baseball players of our area!